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  • Networking Support



    Network Troubleshooting

    No matter what the Network Operating System, Linux, Unix, Windows or Novell, a senior level Network Engineer will efficiently trouble-shoot your network problems.  

    Our technicians will:

    • * Determine the reason for your net work malfunction
    • * Troubleshoot and repair your network connection

    Network Installation and Support

    Even the best hardware and software is of little value if it is not installed and configured properly.  Knowing the correct settings for today’s advanced server applications is simply a matter of experience.  Incorrectly installed network or software program can result in costly budget overruns and operational downtime.  CCS has years of experience and a diversified team upon which to draw, so you can rest assured that your network will be more than just “working”, but also configured for maximum security and optimized for peak performance.  CCS will also document the critical aspects of your network and make that information accessible. 

    Our technicians will: 

    • * Set up or troubleshoot your wired/wireless router* to work with your two-computer network
    • * Set up wireless encryption

    * Configure file sharing of at least one directory between computers

    • * Configure printer sharing of one functional printer between computers
  • Network Security



    Server Security Audit

    A Security Audit offers your organization the opportunity to examine your systems for compliance to a variety of Security standards.

    Security Auditing will also identify potential problems.

    Our technicians will:

    • * Check service pack levels
    • * Determine if the OS is disclosing too much information
    • * Check for missing security patches
    • * Check for security alerts/vulnerabilities
    • * Detect  new security holes using scan comparisons
    • * Detect unnecessary open ports
    • * Check password policy and strength
    • * Detect potential Trojans in servers and workstations
    • * Detect unnecessary shares
  • Business Solutions



    Contact Management/E-mail Delivery 

    • Contact Management
    • Customer Relations Management – CRM
    • Various Email Clents
  • Printer Support



    Field Service/Onsite Repair and Support 
    Your printer needs a service call if: 

    • * Printer makes an unusual noise even after changing the toner cartridge
    • * You cannot print even after checking the cable connections, printer is ‘on line’, or correct printer chosen
    • * Marks, lines, spots or other defects, remain on the printed page after changing the toner cartridge
    • * There is frequently jamming even after fanning and reloading paper
    • * Printer displays an error code (Please provide error code when calling)

    Field Service calls are charged on an hourly rate and are completed in most cases, by the next business day.  We will come to your business location and service your printers with the most common failure parts in hand.  Often by replacing worn parts such as rollers, gears and belts, your printer will print like new.  Let us test, repair & clean your printer at on fixed rate! 

  • Computer Repair, Installation and Maintenance
  • Computer Repair (Software and Hardware Maintenance)  

    Let a professional tune-up your system for peak performance and security.  Our technicians will: 
    • * Find the cause of crashes, lockups, unusual slowness, or Internet problems
    • * Repair any operating system issues
    • * Remove all viruses and spyware
    • * Install critical updates
    • * Perform optimization for faster computer speed and better performance
    • * Make sure your computer is operating properly
    • * Provide estimate for recommended hardware repairs or upgrades if needed


    Setup A New Computer System 

    Our technicians will: 

    • * Ensure your system is set up and running properly
    • * Get you connected to the Internet (if available)
    • * Perform a Network Security Check to keep your files safe



    Hardware Installations and Upgrades 

    Our technicians can install any one internal or external hardware device onto your desktop or laptop. They will also install the corresponding software and configure the device to your needs.

    Examples include:

    • Graphic/video card memory
    • Hard drive
    • Optical drive
    • MP3 player
    • Scanner
    • Printer



    Our technician can perform: 

    • * Software trouble-shooting – MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, ACT, QuickBooks, Peach Tree, File Maker pro, ACT, Quicken, AOL etc.)
    • * Windows 7 & 8 / Mac OSX Support/Repair/Trouble-shooting
    • * Hardware Upgrades – RAM, Mother Board, Processor
    • * Hardware Replacement: CD Drive, CDRW Drive, Floppy Drive, Power supply
    • * Complete Hard Drive Transfers
    • * Data Recovery
    • * Configure TCP/IP and Internet connectivity
    • * DSL & Cable Modem Support
    • * Mail program (e-mail) trouble-shooting (Outlook Express, Outlook etc)
    • * Virus Removal/Protection (workstations): AVG, Norton, Panda, Trend Micro
    • * Anti-spamming solutions
    • IT Project Management
    • Developing a Project-based Relationship 
    • Every project is assigned a Project Manager who will be in charge of the design and installation of the solution and an Account Manager who assists with product acquisition.  Our project manager will provide you with an obligation free assessment of your upcoming project.  Over 15 years of technical and networking experience and is skilled in managing networking projects in many industries.  Let us provide you with a proposal or a fixed price bid on your next IT project. 

      Some of the services that we provide that contribute to our ability to successfully complete most technology projects are: 

      1. 1. A detailed proposal and accurate estimates provided upon request
      2. 2. A  Monthly Service Agreement provided upon request
      3. 3. Data and fiber cabling services which come with a 5 year warranty
      4. 4. Project management with oversight supervision
      5. 5. Custom built servers and network design analysis
      6. 6. Equipment procurement – we can beat retail prices and all of our equipment comes with our own warranty
      7. 7. Vendor Solutions
                • Microsoft Windows 2003.NET
        • Exchange server installation
        • Firewall integration
        • Desktop upgrades
        • Backup solutions
        • Wireless data solutions
        • Cabling
        • Security analysis